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How to sell your ticket via the resell platform

Have you bought a ticket, but can’t attend for whatever reason? Then you can easily sell your ticket via our official resell platform:

1) Go to the confirmation email of your ticket purchase

2) Click the Manage order button to go to your order page

3) Click More Actions → Resale

4) Select the ticket you want to sell and set the price


How to buy a ticket via the resell platform

Want to buy a ticket for the event, but the tickets in the ticket shop are sold out? Don’t worry! Our official resell platform regularly offers tickets from people selling their ticket(s).

Buying a ticket via our resell platform is as follows:

1) Select one of the available tickets for the desired day via our official resell platform

2) Create an account

3) Enter your payment details and buy the ticket of your choice

4) You will then receive a confirmation and/or personalised e-mail

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