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This silicone wristband is flexible so it can fit around even thick wrists. Wear your Luminosity Beach Festival wristband with pride and let everyone know your love for pure Trance music with this poppin Luminosity silicon band.


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Weight 15 kg

12. Red wristband-White logo, 11. Black wristband-Teal logo, 10. Teal wristband-Pink logo, 9. Blue wristband-Teal logo, 8. Pink wristband-Black logo, 7. Rainbow wristband-White logo, 6. Green wristband-Yellow logo, 5. Orange wristband-Blue logo, 4. Purple wristband-White logo, 3. Black wristband-White logo, 2. Yellow wristband-Pink logo, 1. White wristband-Black logo, Full Color Package (14 pc), 14. Yellow wristband-Blue logo, 13. Teal wristband-Brown logo, Black Friday Give away 5 pack


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